Radio Media Tours/RMT-Online

Time, money and impact are the primary reasons to include a Radio Media Tour (RMT) by Tobin Communications, Inc. as part of your overall media campaign. An RMT maximizes your spokesperson’s time through the scheduling of back-to-back telephone interviews with radio news directors and talk show hosts.

The typical RMT can be scheduled over the course of a morning, or over a series of days or weeks. Your spokesperson should conduct the RMT in a quiet room and on a hard phone line.

Our Radio Media Tour service includes:

  • Drafting a media advisory;
  • Pitching news directors and talk show producers;
  • Teleconferencing and moderating interviews;
  • Producing digital files of the interviews and showcasing your RMT through our RMT-Online service;
  • Following up with news directors to determine usage of taped interviews;
  • Preparing a summary report;
  • Optional service #1: To help prepare your organization’s spokesperson for their RMT, we recommend Telephone Media Training by TCI; and
  • Optional service #2: After the RMT is completed, we’ll utilize soundbites from the tour to produce Podcasts & Video Content.

LISTEN to a podcast with highlights from a Radio Media Tour for the sports documentary “4th & Goal.”


TCI’s RMT-Online service showcases your Radio Media Tour through an easy-to-navigate, password-protected web site that makes listening to sound files from your RMT as simple as a click of the mouse. Now, sharing the success of your RMT doesn’t require extra resources, staff time or internal planning/sharing. We do it for you!

Our RMT-Online service includes:

  • Producing an easy-to-navigate, password-protected website that includes the radio interviews from your RMT and hosting it on TCI’s web server; and
  • Editing each sound file from the RMT to improve sound quality and balance volume levels.

Click here to review a sample RMT-Online project.

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