Do You Know If It’s Really Yogurt?

Have you ever called a radio journalist and been met by silence on the other end when you pitched a story? In some PR circles, it’s an all-too-familiar feeling.

During the spring of 2005, Tobin Communications had the pleasure of producing both a highly unique and informative Radio Media Tour on behalf of the National Yogurt Association. The association sought to educate the public about its campaign to ensure that products marketed as “yogurt” meet consumers’ expectations and contain the live and active cultures linked to yogurt’s potential health benefits.

Granted, the story wasn’t salacious or sexy, but 35 radio journalists across the country were struck by both its importance in debunking myths and spreading a message that is crucial for consumers.

The association’s message was clear: Given the increasing popularity of yogurt and anticipated future interest in capitalizing on this market, there must be a mechanism guaranteeing that products marketed under the term “yogurt” actually contain the essential characteristic of live and active cultures. Currently, the association’s “Live and Active Cultures” seal program is among the very few assurances that consumers have that the yogurt products they purchase contain sufficient levels of live and active cultures – the very components whose potential benefits are cited in scientific studies and hailed by health professionals.