National Summit Tackles Violence In Public Schools

During May 2005, the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence organized a summit to evaluate and compile reliable and valid research regarding effective classroom management strategies that prevent classroom violence.

Excited to be part of such an important undertaking, Tobin Communications, Inc. put together a Radio Media Tour to promote the event and the issue of reducing classroom violence.

“Tobin Communications arranged for more than 15 compelling interviews, allowing the American Board to reach audiences all across the U.S. Together, we built upon public recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week to convey important messages about the need for more resources that teachers can utilize to prevent classroom violence,” said Andrew R. Campanella, director of marketing and communications for ABCTE.

“Classroom violence is an issue that impacts students, teachers, schools and communities,” explained Dr. Kathleen Madigan, board president and a spokesperson during the RMT. “The best way to prevent classroom violence is to compile scientifically based research and disseminate effective strategies into the hands of teachers. Creating codes of civility and zero-tolerance policies will work only when teachers are provided with the knowledge, resources, and support that truly make a difference for their students.”

Partially funded by U.S. Department of Education grants, the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence offers the Passport to Teaching certification – a breakthrough pathway to the teaching profession for individuals who want to change careers and become teachers.