Nothing is more frustrating than a flat performance by a spokesperson during a Radio Media Tour or other media opportunity. Our answer? Prevent it from happening in the first place.

By utilizing Tobin Communications’ Media Training service, your spokesperson will shine during their Radio Media Tour by relying on the expertise of veteran media guru Maury Tobin, who will help hone your spokesperson’s interview skills.

Maury will coach your spokesperson to better hone his or her message, to be conversational (rather than overly rehearsed), to respond to timely issues or questions, to guide the interviews by being informative/entertaining (rather than too solicitous), to be direct, and to effectively engage the interviewers and audience.

Our Media Training service includes:

  • Sending the client a list of potential questions that may be asked by radio journalists during the Radio Media Tour; and
  • Conducting a 30- to 60-minute media training session via phone or Zoom with your spokesperson prior to the Radio Media Tour.

* Media Training is a complimentary service for our Radio Media Tour clients.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming campaign.