With Podcasts & Video Content produced by Tobin Communications, Inc., your organization’s web-based communications and social media campaigns will be current and dynamic.

Our multimedia tools help showcase your spokespeople, breaking news, timely projects, grassroots messages and constituent outreach — and can either be a stand-alone service or effectively combined with our other services.

Our service includes:

  • Collaborating with the client to develop interview questions/messaging for the podcast/video;
  • Interviewing your spokesperson via telephone or in-person for the podcast/video;
  • Editing and producing a finished piece;
  • Hosting the podcast/video on TCI’s web server; and
  • Optional service #1: If your organization has previously conducted a Radio Media Tour, we’ll utilize soundbites from the RMT to produce podcasts and video content.

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Listen to a podcast about why PR pros shouldn’t neglect audio – featuring Mark Ramsey, a veteran media strategist.

Listen to a podcast about the implications of an $11 billion transportation bill in Congress – featuring Brian Turmail, a spokesperson for the Associated General Contractors.

Listen to a podcast about the positive effect of knee replacement surgery – featuring Dr. Josh Jacobs of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Listen to a podcast about the struggle of a Maryland county to adopt Smart Growth policies – featuring former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening.

Listen to a podcast about the banning of horse slaughter in the U.S. – featuring Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia.

Listen to a podcast about the Republican Party’s stance on environmental issues during the 2012 Presidential campaign – featuring David Jenkins of ConservAmerica.

Listen to a podcast about why it’s important to move America to a clean and secure energy future – featuring former Sec. of State George Shultz for ConservAmerica.

Listen to a podcast about preventing colon cancer – featuring Dr. Mark Pochapin, a member of the American College of Gastroenterology.

Listen to a podcast with highlights from a Radio Media Tour for the sports documentary “4th & Goal.”

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