Whether it’s conducting an audit of your organization’s communications, developing a strategic PR plan, building a new website, producing an e-mail newsletter and other written content, creating podcasts and videos, executing a social media and digital advertising strategy, or orchestrating a media relations effort, we can get it done.

Integrated Campaigns

Experts agree that successful PR and marketing efforts require an integrated approach to maximize their impact in the marketplace. With Integrated Campaign services by Tobin Communications, your organization or company will have a partner with a wide spectrum of communications experience, tools and adaptability to plan, manage and execute a successful campaign.

Our capabilities include:
  • Strategic PR counsel and message development;
  • Communications audits for your organization;
  • Writing & Storytelling;
  • Leveraging broadcast and social media opportunities;
  • Producing and distributing Podcasts & Video Content;
  • Producing Radio Media Tours (RMTs);
  • Digital advertising;
  • Producing timely and evergreen content for websites and social media platforms;
  • Full design services for the launch or relaunch of websites;
  • Integrating communications for a range of business endeavors, including community relations, lobbying and brand marketing;
  • Providing Media Training;
  • Working one-on-one with company and trade association executives, government officials, celebrities and policy experts; and
  • Helping clients determine return on investment (ROI) through measurement reports so they can see the strategies that are making an impact and analyze campaign objectives that are being met.
Podcasts & Video Content

With Podcasts & Video Content produced by Tobin Communications, your organization’s campaigns will be current and dynamic.

Our multimedia tools help showcase your spokespeople, breaking news, timely projects, grassroots messages and constituent outreach — and can either be a stand-alone service or effectively combined with our other services.

our podcast service includes:
  • Collaborating with the client to develop interview questions and messaging;
  • Interviewing your spokesperson(s) via telephone;
  • Utilizing appropriate music for the podcast;
  • Editing and producing a finished audio piece;
  • Consulting with the client so they can choose the best hosting platform for the podcast; and
  • Crafting a story to help promote the podcast on the client’s website and through their social media channels (click here for a story example).
Our video content service includes:
  • Brainstorming with the client on key messages for the video;
  • Setting up a video shoot interview for your spokesperson(s) with two cameras and professional lighting (another option is to conduct the interview via Zoom);
  • Utilizing footage from the video shoot or footage provided by the client (audio can also be integrated into the video from a phone interview or another source);
  • Producing a storyboard outline for the video to guide the editing and production process;
  • Using appropriate B-roll and music for the video; and
  • Producing lower thirds, title graphics and other graphic treatments for the finished video piece.
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Radio Media Tours

Time, money and impact are the primary reasons to include a Radio Media Tour (RMT) by Tobin Communications as part of your overall media campaign. An RMT maximizes your spokesperson’s time through the scheduling of telephone interviews with radio news directors and talk show/podcast hosts. The typical RMT can be scheduled over a series of days, weeks and months. Your spokesperson should conduct the RMT in a quiet room and on a hard phone line.

Telephone Media Training
Our Radio Media Tour service includes:
  • Drafting a media advisory;
  • Pitching radio news directors and talk show/podcast hosts;
  • Connecting your spokesperson via telephone to each interview;
  • Producing digital files of the interviews and showcasing your RMT through an easy-to-navigate web page;
  • Pulling soundbites from the RMT that can be distributed through your social media channels;
  • Following up with news directors to determine usage of recorded interviews;
  • Producing a summary report; and
  • Preparing your spokesperson for their RMT through our complimentary Media Training service.
Writing & Storytelling

In today’s competitive, fast-moving digital media environment, creating unique and engaging content is a requirement, not an option. Our Writing & Storytelling services will help your organization cut through the noise by tapping into the brain and writing power of Debra Zimmerman Murphey, an award-winning journalist and communications expert.

Our suite of writing services includes:
  • Analyzing and crafting campaign/project messaging;
  • Writing email alerts, email newsletters, and email feature articles;
  • Producing op-ed pieces;
  • Developing marketing/content for social media, websites and blogs; and
  • Overview and review of all content/writing-based endeavors.
Media Training

Nothing is more frustrating than a flat performance by a spokesperson during a Radio Media Tour or other media opportunity. Our answer? Prevent it from happening in the first place.

By utilizing Tobin Communications’ complimentary Media Training service prior to a Radio Media Tour, your spokesperson will shine by relying on the expertise of Maury Tobin, who will help hone your spokesperson’s interview skills.

Maury will coach your spokesperson to be conversational (rather than overly rehearsed), to respond to timely issues or questions, to guide the interviews by being informative, to be direct, and to effectively engage the interviewers and audience.

Our Media Training service includes:
  • Sending the client a list of potential questions that may be asked by radio journalists during the Radio Media Tour; and
  • Conducting a 30- to 60-minute media training session via phone or Zoom with your spokesperson prior to the Radio Media Tour.