There’s No Time For Delays

By Maury Tobin

I believe excelling in your career is as much about whether you enjoy your work as it is about experience, talent and having a diverse skill set.

I’ve been fortunate because my career has included causes and clients that I believe in, and I’ve been involved with some big wins that required astute decision-making as well as innovative communications. The people I’ve worked with have been inextricably smart and talented and we’ve grown closer through the development of mission-based campaigns.

I wanted to share with you an initiative, No Time For Delays (NTFD), that I’ve spearheaded through Tobin Communications, Inc. (TCI).

NTFD produces stories, podcasts and videos that feature the changemakers, advocates and policy experts who are working on the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure, an issue I’ve been proud to work on, among many others, during my career. As we can see, improving America’s infrastructure and mobility for future generations — and ensuring national safety — must be ongoing imperatives.

For our latest NTFD story, Ed Mortimer, a transportation expert, former client and friend, joined me for a podcast interview with Oregonian Representative Earl Blumenauer — a 30-year member of Congress who has seen everything, from a more healthy bipartisan government, to an entrenched and fraught political milieu.

Blumenauer played a critical role getting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) through Congress. The IIJA was a historic bipartisan win and it was signed into law by President Biden at the end of 2021. It provides a much-needed jumpstart and overarching vision for the funding and overhaul of roads, bridges, public transit, waterways, ports, and airports.

I hope you’ll check out the story and good luck with your campaigns.

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